The first step towards creating your financial future is getting clarity on where you currently stand so you can develop a strategy that works for you. This is something I excel at because I don’t just look at the numbers. I want to understand what you see your financial future looking like.

In order to best prepare for this meeting, I suggest you plan on sharing as much of the following information as you can easily gather prior to our meeting:

  • Your financial goals
  • Your most pressing financial issue(s)
  • Household budget (if you have one)
  • Investment statements
  • A recent pay stub
  • Insurance statements
  • Most recent tax return
  • Mortgage statement
  • Employee benefits details
  • …and anything else you find helpful

I understand this may seem like a lot of information to bring to an initial meeting. My goal is to make sure the time we spend together is valuable for you and leaves you with some answers and some direction. Even if you choose not to move forward. However, if you are more comfortable holding off on the details until our second meeting, that’s okay too!