Steve was the closing speaker at a three day conference for financial professionals. Attendees were weary from having sat for hours, listening to their peers and invited guests pontificate on matters of varying degrees of interest to our assembled group. Yet Steve managed to not only wake us all up with his energy, he also provided some of the most powerful, provocative and stimulating information at the conference. More than for any other speaker, I took Steve's theories to heart, and have changed some of my business practices to comply with his vision.

Ken Weber
President at Weber Asset Management, Inc.

I was blown away by Steve's presentation at a recent Investment Adviser conference. As the closing speaker at a two-day workshop, he pulled together all the different ideas presented over the two days, did a masterful critique of top ideas presented, gave the attendees their walking orders with respect to what they needed to go back to their offices and work on, and ended the session on an upbeat positive note that had everyone ready to come back for more. I highly recommend him as a presenter.

Linda Ferentchak
President, Financial Communications Associates, Inc.

As a meeting planner, over the last 15 years I have seen plenty of speakers and facilitators. Steve Athanassie is one of the best. His ability to connect with and engage audiences of all types and sizes is genuine. As a seminar speaker, Steve\'s information is meaningful and entertaining, always on target. As a strategic planning facilitator, he is able to help you cut through the haze and clarify your goals so they are clear, concise, meaningful and achievable. From a meeting planner\'s viewpoint, Steve is easy to work with and always professional.

Christine Brown
Society Executive at CFA Society Tampa Bay

Steve has a wonderful blend of financial expertise and creativity. He has a real gift for communicating complex ideas in a way that is accessible and practical to all audience members. His presentations and ideas are always perceived as extremely valuable by our friends, donors and Board members. I give Steve my highest recommendation, without reservation.

Allison Broihier, MPA, CGFO
Finance Director at City of Seminole