Educating your employees about money so they experience less stress and greater financial fulfillment is a valuable benefit you could and should be offering in your organization. From understanding the company 401k to learning how to master a household budget, these financial benefits are as impactful to your teams wellbeing as their health benefits are. 

Employees who don’t have their financial house in order often experience a higher level of stress. That stress doesn’t stop when they show up for work. In fact, financial stress and workplace productivity are directly linked, meaning that it is in the best interest of employers to provide resources to ensure their workforce feels supported.

The work I do in the workplace provides me the opportunity of positively impacting a large number of individuals and families, all while providing a huge benefit to you, their employer. This education and support is vital because most companies spend thousands of dollars on benefits that their employees don’t use, understand, or appreciate. The non-conflicted financial education that I provide as an objective third party can help close that gap.

However, your employees are not the only winners in this scenario. 

You as the employer now have an incredibly valuable service you are able to offer your employees. This usually results in increased employee loyalty, and in today’s competitive landscape, this could directly improve employee retention making it a win/win.

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